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Phoenix Down Potion - Fantasy Necklace - Phoenix Feathers - Restore Life Resurrect Potion

Soul Shards

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"Phoenix Down, sometimes known as Fenix Down or Life, is a recurring common item in the Final Fantasy series. The "Down" refers to the down feathers of a bird, the undercoat of feathers beneath the visible layer on top. The down feathers of a Phoenix would return people from the dead as a Phoenix itself does."

The undying phoenix is said to call back souls from the heavens, but to win the attention of such fabled bird, you must give up a feather as an offering. The best are the downy feathers of the tail... hence the term phoenix down, see? Mark well that not just any feather will do. Depending on quality and size, the blessing received varies greatly.
In order to get the maximum advantage of this blessing, I have created this necklace for you. Inside the potion vial you will find one of the most beautiful tail feather shed by a Phoenix. Carry it on your journeys. If ever in need, use it.

- Vial: 20 X 13 mm (0,5" X 0,8")
- Cord lenght: aprox. 25 cm (aprox. 15")

- Glass Potion Vial
- Faux Orange Feathers (position vary)
- Silver Plated Wing Charm (MAY VARY)
- Black Cord


* Please allow 1-2 weeks for creation time. Shipping time takes about 2 to 3 business days to Portugal, 5 to 7 business days to Europe and 10 to 20 business days Worldwide (times can vary due to different factors like weather or customs).

* Note that all my pieces are handmade and unique and for that reason the piece you get might be slightly different from the picture.

* Pieces should be treated with care due to their delicate parts. It is also advised to avoid sun exposure on vials with liquids.

* All my items are customizable. Feel free to contact me if you woud like to make any changes to the piece.

* IMPORTANT - DO NOT ingest the contents of the bottles / vials. It may cause serious health risks. Keep away from children.

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