Dwarven Artifact Ring (8,5") - Antique Brass Stone Ring - Glow in the Dwarven Artifact Ring (8,5") - Antique Brass Stone Ring - Glow in the – Soul Shards

Dwarven Artifact Ring (8,5") - Antique Brass Stone Ring - Glow in the Dark Ring - Glowing Crystal

Soul Shards

  • $17.00

“Dwarven Artifacts are metal objects made by the Dwemer that are usually found within Dwemer ruins, either found on the bodies of slain automatons or just lying around. Most automatons contain a Soul Gem which is believed to be what brought these machines to life, but also somehow acts as a boiler due to the extreme energy held within it. The artifacts come in various shapes and sizes, and all are made of the mysterious Dwemer metal."

Dwemer artifacts are highly prized throughout the Empire, although since they are technically the property of the Emperor, the sale of them is illegal. This did not stop some artifacts falling into the back of my wagon. The acquisition of this artifact was extremely dangerous, because of the remote location of the ruin, and the multitude of aged and unreliable Dwemer machinery within, including the Steam Centurion and other automata, as well as sophisticated traps of which the Dwemer are particularly fond.

I have brought with me a huge amount of dwarven armor, weapons and relics, but this particular artifact seems to have some sort of “aura” that I cannot understand. It will hold a charge for some time after being left in the light for a few minutes. It gets more powerful if charged with real sunlight, but normal house lighting will allow it to charge as well. It gets weaker over time and, after the initial high glow period it will settle to a duller glow that can be seen for some time but only in total darkness. I do not understand why this happens. I know this artifact is some sort of ornament but I have not figure out its function yet.

Maybe you can get some clues and advice from the mages in the Mages Guild. If you happen to uncover the mystery, please let me know.

Oh, you might need some supplies for your quest. This Listing INCLUDES a UV Blacklight Keyring which allows you charge the Ring anywhere you go.

Available Colors (brightest to least bright, including glow time):
- Green
- Blue

- Ring: US Size 8.5 (18.6 mm diameter) *ONLY SIZE AVAILABLE*
- Glow Stone: 10 mm

- Antique Brass Plated Ring
- Crystal Stone
- Glow in the Dark Material (Green or Blue)


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