Captured Gemstone Energy Orb - Sterling Silver Disc and Chain - Natura Captured Gemstone Energy Orb - Sterling Silver Disc and Chain - Natura – Soul Shards

Captured Gemstone Energy Orb - Sterling Silver Disc and Chain - Natural Stone Sphere Necklace

Soul Shards

  • $19.00

The Orb from this necklace is a very small sphere of crystallized Energy in the form of a natural gemstone. It is captured in a sterling silver disc to protect it from time and the elements.

Throughout the ages, the healing properties of gemstones, their beauty and magic have been recognized and harnessed. They have a protective, as well as a decorative function, guarding their wearer against harm. Select a gemstone that enhances the qualities you are looking to integrate into your or a friend's body.

This listing has 6 different Orb designs and each design has two different Orb sizes to choose from.

Gemstone Orbs:
- Moonstone (Emotional Balance, Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Insomnia, Fertility)
- Sunstone (Good Luck, Self Worth, Positive Thinking, Prosperity, Depression)
- Blue Sandstone (Intelligence, Willpower, Good Energy, Leadership, Enterprise)
- Aquamarine (Communication, Fear, Loneliness, Allergies, Courage)
- Lapis Lazuli (Concentration, Psychic Protection, Stress, Pain Relief, Intuition)
- Amethyst (Healing, Emotional Balance, Anxiety, Headache, Meditation)

- Orb and Disc: 7mm or 9mm
- Chain lenght: aprox. 45 cm (aprox. 18")

- Natural Gemstone Sphere
- Sterling Silver Sphere Holder
- Sterling Silver Chain

Check this necklace design using glow in the dark Orbs in another Soul Shards' listing! 

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