Bioshock Infinite Vigors - Glow in the Dark Vigor Pendant - Booker DeW Bioshock Infinite Vigors - Glow in the Dark Vigor Pendant - Booker DeWitt Bioshock Infinite Vigors - Glow in the Dark Vigor Pendant - Booker DeW – Soul Shards

Bioshock Infinite Vigors - Glow in the Dark Vigor Pendant - Booker DeWitt

Soul Shards

  • $18.00

"Vigors are the primary abilities that Booker DeWitt acquires in the game. They grant the user access to extraordinary abilities, and are powered by a single resource: Salts. Vigors do cause notable side effects, visible on the user's arm. Every Vigor has an alternate use activated by charging the Vigor, ranging from enhanced attacks to stationary traps. There are a total of eight Vigors."

★ 1 - Possession
Turns the targeted machine to the caster's side, causing vending machines to give out a cash bounty and fighter automatons to fight for the user.

★ 2 - Undertow
Throws all targets in front of the user back with a watery tendril, momentarily knocking them to the floor if they hit the ground.

★ 3 - Devil's Kiss
Throws a flaming projectile which detonates after a short while, burning nearby enemies and environmental hazards.

★ 4 - Murder of Crows
Sics a murder of crows onto the targeted enemies, damaging and temporarily distracting them.

★ 5 - Bucking Bronco
Temporarily levitates enemies, rendering them defenseless.

★ 6 - Shock Jokey
Shocks the target, temporarily stunning them and doubling the damage they take. Deals critical damage against enemies in contact with water. Can also activate electric generators.

★ 7 - Charge
Causes Booker to ram into the target from a distance and damage them.

★ 8 - Return to Sender
Creates a temporary shield, blocking all incoming gunfire.


The Vigor will hold a charge for some time after being left in the light for a few minutes. It gets more powerful if charged with real sunlight, but normal house lighting will allow it to charge as well. Keep in mind that it gets weaker over time and, after the initial high glow period it will settle to a duller glow that can be seen for some time but only in total darkness.

This new colored glowing material does not have a durable high glow period, but it will glow with a duller glow for a long time in total darkness. Unlike my daylight white colored glowing material, it glows while a blacklight is turned on, and glows in the dark when the light is turned off (blacklight is usually seen in bars, night clubs, parties, raves, etc.)

This Listing INCLUDES a UV Blacklight Keychain which allows you to charge your Vigor anywhere you go.

* This Listing is for ONE Vigor and a blacklight keychain.

* If you would like to have all Vigors, just send us a convo.

- Vial: 46 X 14 mm (1 13/16" X 9/16")
- Chain lenght: aprox. 30 cm (aprox 18")

- Glow Material: Each Vigor has a vivid color during daylight and it glows in the dark (see pictures)
- Glass Vial
- Special Paper for Label
- Plated Wire
- Plated Chain

* Please allow 1-2 weeks for creation time. Shipping time takes about 2 to 3 business days to Portugal, 5 to 7 business days to Europe and 10 to 20 business days Worldwide (times can vary due to different factors like weather or customs).

* Note that all my pieces are handmade and unique and for that reason the piece you get might be slightly different from the picture.

* Pieces should be treated with care due to their delicate parts.

* All my items are customizable. Feel free to contact me if you woud like to make any changes to the piece.