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Lyrium Potion Necklace Pendant Glow in the Dark Luminous - Mana Necklace - Glowing Lyrium

Soul Shards

  • $18.00

"In its processed form, lyrium may be handled by anyone, but long term exposure or a single mistake while working with it can lead to serious side effects such as emotional instability or complete psychosis. Processed lyrium is used by dwarves and the Tranquil to enchant items. The Circle of Magi also uses it to mentally travel to the Fade in an aware state."
- Dragon Age Wiki

Whenever your mana is down, remember, you can always use your Lyrium Potion Pendant. It is much more useful than having lots of potions lying around inside your backpack. Remember, it is only advised to be held by experienced mages. The processed Lyrium is kept safe within a thick glass bottle that is wire wrapped on its lip. The chain of the pendant is attached to the cork.

The Lyrium will hold a charge for some hours after being left in the light for a few minutes. It gets more powerful if charged with real sunlight, but normal house lighting will allow it to charge as well. Keep in mind that it gets weaker over time and, after the initial high glow period it will settle to a duller glow that can be seen for many hours but only in total darkness.

This Listing INCLUDES a UV Blacklight Keyring which allows you to charge the Lyrium Vial anywhere you go.

- Vial: 35 X 16 mm (0,60 X 1,4")
- Chain lenght: aprox. 30 cm (aprox 18")

- Glass Bottle
- Aqua Glowing Material 
- Silver Plated Chain (may vary)
- Silver Plated Brass Wire


* Please allow 1-2 weeks for creation time. Shipping time takes about 2 to 3 business days to Portugal, 5 to 7 business days to Europe and 10 to 20 business days Worldwide (times can vary due to different factors like weather or customs).

* Note that all my pieces are handmade and unique and for that reason the piece you get might be slightly different from the picture.

* Pieces should be treated with care due to their delicate parts. It is also advised to avoid sun exposure on vials with liquids.

* All my items are customizable. Feel free to contact me if you woud like to make any changes to the piece.

* IMPORTANT - DO NOT ingest the contents of the bottles / vials. It may cause serious health risks. Keep away from children.


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